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Find Your Focus Zone
in this age of endless distraction

In this timely book, Dr. Lucy Jo Palladino provides powerful new techniques for you to manage your attention, sharpen your focus, and achieve success in today's digital age of distraction.

Lucy Jo Palladino, PhD is a psychologist and attention expert with over 30 years of experience. She has also written the award-winning book, Dreamers, Discoverers, and Dynamos (formerly titled The Edison Trait)

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Lucy Jo Palladino &

Find Your Focus Zone

in the Media

Psychologist and attention expert, Dr. Lucy Jo Palladino is a frequent media guest. She was the resident psychologist for The Morning Show on KFMB-TV, the CBS affiliate in San Diego, and guest expert on State of Mind, UCSD-TV (University of California at San Diego).

She has been a guest expert on

  1. TV and radio programs, including CNN and NPR

  2. Blogs and websites, such as Web MD, Morning Star, Traders Nation

  3. Newspapers, including Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, and San Diego Union-Tribune

  4. Magazines, including Men’s Health, Cosmo, Redbook, Family Circle, Self, Body + Soul, Real Simple

Read helpful articles by Dr. Palladino to help you stay focussed.

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We’ve all been there – enjoying music, art, travel, conversation, a favorite project, sport, or book. You feel relaxed, alert, and fully engaged. Concentration comes easily and energy flows. Your attention is sustainable because your brain is pumping the right combination of adrenaline-based chemicals.  More >

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Lucy Jo Palladino, PhD

Life has become faster and fuller. Opportunities abound. Information is everywhere. But left unchecked, non-stop technology erodes our ability to pay attention, make good decisions, and accomplish personal goals. We constantly live on the edge of feeling overwhelmed. Old ways of staying focused just don't work any more. Finally there's real help — the practical tools in Find Your Focus Zone.

In this eye-opening book, now published in seven languages, Dr. Palladino teaches the same strategies that high-achievers like Olympic athletes use. She explains the science of attention in plain language. You'll learn to quickly filter information, stay on track, and achieve what’s truly most important to you.


All children are imaginative, but some are born to wonder. These children think divergently -- one idea sparks the next. Most classrooms reward convergent thinking -- ideas ordered in a linear way. Get the knowledge and tools to build bridges, not fences, between your child’s two worlds.

If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than any other talent.

- Sir Isaac Newton