Is your child inventive, headstrong, and self-determined?

A growing number of children today have nonconforming personalities that collide with school, social norms, and family rules. The heart of their problem is a grating conflict between their inherent style and the demands they face every day. They are the dreamers, discoverers, and dynamos of our world, and they are divergent thinkers, their minds brimming over with their own ideas. They clash with teachers and parents who think convergently, that is, one idea at a time in a set, linear fashion.

Divergent thinkers are mind-wanderers, explorers, and action-seekers. They have to exert a much greater effort to stay focused on most classwork and homework assignments, especially repetitive tasks. They frustrate in a flash and use distraction, arguing, and escapism -- especially screentime -- to get out of tasks that don’t match their strengths and interests. They excel at avoidance and procrastination which causes them to under-achieve.

Psychologist Lucy Jo Palladino PhD gives parents eight specific steps to help these strong-willed, creative children succeed without breaking their spirit. Published by Random House, Dreamers, Discoverers & Dynamos: How to Help the Child Who Is Bright, Bored, and Having Problems in School is a treasury of practical advice, filled with real-life stories and helpful, instructive exercises. The year it was published, it was named Editor's Choice and one of the top three parenting books on amazon.

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"Parents and educators alike will find this compelling reading." — Publishers Weekly

"A satisfying blend of information and guidance that will greatly assist parents. Sound, well-researched, and fun to read."
— Robert Ornstein, PhD, author of The Amazing Brain and The Psychology of Consciousness

"Dr. Palladino, a highly qualified psychologist, has written a book that is insightful, original, and easy to read, yet well founded in current scientific knowledge." — Lee Meyerson, PhD, Arizona Regents Professor of Psychology

"An exciting and important book for all parents who want their child to develop his or her potential as an intelligent, creative, and happy individual. It is full of proven, practical ideas you can use immediately to bring our the very best in your child." 
— Brian Tracy, author of The Psychology of Achievement and Eat That Frog!

• Best Self-Help Book Award, San Diego
• Journalism Award, San Diego Press Club
• Outstanding Non-Fiction Award, Southern California Writers Conference