EVEN In this age of endless distraction, with the right techniques, you can control your attention, sharpen your focus, ANd be more effective at achieving your goals.

Life has become faster and fuller. Opportunities abound. Information is everywhere. But left unchecked, non-stop technology erodes our ability to pay attention, make good decisions, and accomplish our goals. We constantly live on the edge of feeling overwhelmed. Old ways of staying focused don't work any more. Find Your Focus Zone: An Effective New Plan to Defeat Distraction and Overload delivers real help -- practical tools to deal with the challenges of today.

In this eye-opening book, published by Simon & Schuster and now available in nine languages, Dr. Lucy Jo Palladino teaches the same strategies for attention control that high-achievers like Olympic athletes use. She explains the science of attention in plain language and gives specific ways to apply these lessons to your daily life.

You’ll learn about the upside-down U curve – a simple graph that shows when you’re understimulated, overstimulated, or have just the right amount of stimulation. Elite athletes use it to gauge their level of adrenaline, so they can psych up during long boring hours of training, and calm down to concentrate in high-pressure moments at world-class events. In the digital age, we face the same kind of challenge: our adrenaline spikes and slows every day. We need strategies to stay in our focus zones. 

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"Lucy Jo Palladino gives practical tools to help us deal with the the constant overloaded state in which we find ourselves immersed."
— John Ratey, MD, author of Spark and co-author of Driven to Distraction

"Lucy Jo Palladino has done it again! This is a truly remarkable, insightful, and useful guide to optimizing both your life and your performance. Buy several copies, as you'll keep thinking of people you want to share it with while you're reading it!"
— Thom Hartmann, author of Attention Deficit Disorder: A Different Perception

"Find Your Focus Zone is a fun, entertaining, energetic, and great resource, that you won't want to put down once you start turning the pages. It is jam-packed with simple. ready-to-use perspectives that help us understand our increasingly fast-paced world. In reality, not many of us are effectively managing the pace set by the electronics industry. Dr. Palladino's eight sets of cognitive strategies are surefire ways to focus your attention and find personal performance at levels not previously experienced. It makes my top ten list of 'be sure to read' . . . and 'be sure to apply.'"
— Jim Bauman, PhD, U.S. Olympic Committee Sports Psychologist

"Find Your Focus Zone is a roadmap for eliminating the bombardment of daily distractions and focusing on the things that matter most to you, whether that be running a marathon, running a business, running a family, or just plain running your life."
— Dean Karnazes, author of Ultramarathon Man

"Dr. Lucy Jo Palladino's book offers help in a book that is both insightful and accessible. I highly recommend Find Your Focus Zone.
— Neil Fiore, PhD, author of The Now Habit