Parenting in the Age of Attention Snatchers - Release Date - Today!

Parents must boldly go where no parents before them have gone. We live in an era of firsts for toddlers and touchscreens, kids on-line in the classroom, teens connecting on social media. That's why I wrote PARENTING IN THE AGE OF ATTENTION SNATCHERS . . . to share with parents what I've learned from studying attention and child development, and from my practice as a psychologist helping kids who struggle at school and families who want more balance at home.

Parents face a new and important challenge. Kids need to be proficient with technology -- it powers their world. It's wrong to forbid screens all together. At the same time, kids need to be discerning about their online activities and be willing and able to turn off entertainment media when it's time to read, study, listen, play outside, and have to face-to-face contact and meaningful conversation. Kids need to be able to pay attention without screens, too.

For more about PARENTING IN THE AGE OF ATTENTION SNATCHERS: A Step-by-Step Guide to Balance Your Child's Use of Technology, amazon has a look-inside feature.


We live in an exciting age. With the power of technology in their pockets, and the ability to use that power in their hands, imagine what our children will accomplish!

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